Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A President with Grit

I have been couped up in a hospital for a little over seven months. The reason fit for a different sort of blog. I bring my current circumstance up as evidence in this months book selection. Being worried and idle for such a time, has sparked an interest in the western genre for me. I needed a good read that reminded me of the strong stoic pioneer that yearned for new surroundings and a wild frontier. I found that strength and admiral character in Theodore Roosevelt and his book, "Stories of the Great West".

As a youth Theodore Roosevelt was an enthusiastic student of Western history and pioneer types Later as ranchman and hunter he grew to know intimately and to love deeply the rough free life of the Western plains Mr Roosevelt's interest in history probably was inherited but his fondness for outdoor life grew out of his grateful love for his foster mother the green earth who took the delicate youth in her rough but kindly embrace and gave him a sound body and a clear vision It was during the quiet evenings and the otherwise idle hours spent at Elkhorn his Dakota ranch that Theodore Roosevelt penned most of the fascinating pictures of frontier and ranch life that make up this present volume. - from publishers note

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